Recent changes and features in cPGuard

by | Aug 20, 2020

What are the new features in recent cPGuard versions?

At OpsShield, our engineers are always keen to hear the feedback from our customers, read each of them carefully and make amendments to the software to make it useful and user-friendly. So in each versions, we try to add at least one of the requested features along with the other updates and bug fixes. So in recent cPGuard versions, we have added few such options which you might not have noticed yet. 

1. User-defined Captcha protected URLs

We have introduced our recent Captcha protection techniques a couple of months back, which will handle the Captcha requests in our cloud . This is one of the best and effective mechanisms out there and it will take out the load to handle attackers out of your server. This method can stop majority of the attacks against your server and reduce server load in a great scale.  We used to protect a set of pre-defined URLs like WordPress login page, Joomla login page, etc which get most of the attacks. But to make it flexible and to protect other web apps and URLs, we now make this list user-defined. So the user can now decide which all URLs should be protected using Captcha and it is the unique feature that is available to protect your web apps. You can simply add the  new URL from Settings >> WAF of cPGuard UI.

2. Weekly Scanner

We have added a weekly scanner recently, which will scan all files which are updated in past 7 days. This will ensure that all files will scan again using the updated rules set and thus can eliminate many bad files from the server. The scanner is designed to consume very few resources and finish in a short time span. This is also an optional feature, where users can opt to disable this from Additional Settings page, though we recommend to keep it enabled

3. Revamped License Checking 

One of the often complaints that we receive from our clients was about the license status. It failed to detect the license status some times because the license system was  located in central Europe and some clients had connections issues to the resource. So to fix it, we have migrated our licensing system to AWS and distributed the checks through their worldwide network. So now the license check can be done from any location without any failure

4. Command Line Utility

This is one of the other feature requests that we received in past…a clean and simple tool to manage settings from the command line. So that is available now…you can refer our KB  to know more about this tool and various command-line options it has. This is  a very useful tool for people who wish to change settings quickly and on multiple numbers of servers using some automation.

5. Enhanced daily reports

We have changed the daily report formatting and style to a modern way, in which a user will get all activities with a graphical representation. It is good enough to understand the whole attack statistics happened on the server.

The features are not limited to the above but you can find all the details about each version update in our changelog. Also if you wish to add any specific features into cPGuard, please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do with it.