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At cPGuard, we take great pride in the partnerships we've built and the security transformations we've facilitated for businesses. Dive into firsthand accounts of enhanced protection, collaborative endeavors, and the peace of mind that comes with choosing cPGuard. Discover how our innovative solutions have made a tangible impact on the security landscape for our clients. Join us in celebrating the journeys of resilience and trust within the cPGuard community

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Why Clients Choose cPGuard ?

Client Retention and Satisfaction

Client Retention and Satisfaction

Delivering cPGuard's robust security solutions enhances client satisfaction and retention rates.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Partners benefit from continuous updates and improvements, ensuring they offer the latest security solutions to clients.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

cPGuard provides dedicated technical support to partners, ensuring quick resolution of issues.

Empowering Business Partnerships

We are dedicated to aiding customers with technical issues, deployment, and product optimization.

BlueGeek Hosting

BlueGeekHosting is highly dedicated to making web hosting services accessible to everyone. They have consistently delivered premium hosting solutions with top-notch features, placing a strong emphasis on affordability and maintaining a commitment to quality service since their initial launch.

DeHosting Leverancier Hosting

Dennis Bernards and André Kempenaars excel in website creation and offer personalized advice on hosting, VoIP, and VPS. Their commitment to personal and sincere contact, loyalty, clarity, and honesty defines their approach. They prioritize accuracy, reliability, and responsibility, consistently striving for complete customer satisfaction every day.


GRITHX is recognized for delivering reliable and cost-effective IT outsourcing solutions. Their core values, including accomplishment, ownership, demonstrated expertise, attention to detail, teamwork, sound business judgment, and credibility with customers, guide their approach. As acknowledged by third-party observers, GRITHX consistently upholds these values in providing exceptional services to their clients.


Hosting4u.nl, founded in 2002, is a highly regarded business internet provider renowned for its specialized hosting services. Their comprehensive offerings encompass reseller hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. As a trusted ICT partner, Hosting4u.nl is recognized for its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients, as acknowledged by third-party observers.

HosterPK Hosting

HosterPK stands out as a provider offering a comprehensive array of services, including Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Web Development, and Domain Registration. Their foundation is solidified on the pillars of reliable services and dependable customer support, a recognition echoed by third-party observers. HosterPK is acknowledged for its commitment to delivering a diverse and robust range of solutions with unwavering customer support.

Maxer Hosting

MAXER Hosting Kft. is recognized as a leading web hosting provider with an unwavering commitment to stability and reliability. Their conservative approach sets them apart, as they exclusively employ stable hardware and software technologies, avoiding beta products. The servers, located in the BIX Internet center in Budapest, are connected to a high-speed backbone network, ensuring optimal infrastructural conditions. Operating with a strong focus on high availability, MAXER Hosting Kft. consistently strives for nearly 100% uptime, a fact acknowledged by third-party observers.

SkyNet Hosting

SkyNetHosting.Net Inc., established in 2004, stands out as a prominent provider of high-performance web hosting services. Noteworthy is their status as a debt-free and profitable privately held corporation, licensed in the State of Delaware, USA. With an impressive track record of over a decade in the reseller hosting industry, SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. is recognized for empowering individuals and businesses to establish their web hosting companies with unique identities and brands. This information is emphasized by third-party observers who acknowledge SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.'s standing in the industry.


RackNerd LLC is esteemed as a premier provider of Dedicated Servers, VPS, and Colocation services. With decades of experience in managed services, data center operations, consulting, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, RackNerd stands out in the industry. Founded by industry veteran Dustin B. Cisneros, the company places a strong emphasis on client success and growth. Notably, RackNerd has expanded globally while consistently delivering high-quality hosting services at a competitive value. This recognition is echoed by third-party observers who acknowledge RackNerd LLC's significant position in the industry.

Media Serve Hosting

With roots dating back to 1985, MediaServe is recognized as a seasoned player in the realm of online communications. Their specialization lies in high-performance WordPress hosting, captivating custom WordPress designs, and effective marketing services. The company is renowned for its commitment to helping websites attract new customers and gain visibility in the digital landscape. This recognition is affirmed by third-party observers who acknowledge MediaServe's extensive experience and expertise in the field.

HostPresto Hosting

Founded as a bedroom project in 2001 under the brand Dream Hosting, HostPresto! has transformed into a leading UK web hosting provider. Recognized for their unwavering dedication to customer care and product quality, HostPresto! has become a favorite among customers, leading to consistent year-on-year growth since its inception. This acknowledgment comes from third-party observers who recognize HostPresto!'s significant position and commitment in the web hosting industry.

AfeesHost Hosting

AfeesHost stands out as a provider of fast, affordable, and reliable web hosting services in Lagos, Nigeria, as acknowledged by third-party observers. They facilitate quick and easy website creation, offering services like cheap domain name registration. With 24/7/365 support, AfeesHost ensures that customers have the necessary tools for a fully-functional site. Notably, they leverage the latest cPanel/WHM control panels for an enhanced user experience and effective website management. This recognition underscores AfeesHost's commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable web hosting solutions.

Anasx Hosting

Anasx Limited is composed of skilled computer networking, software, and system engineers with an impressive track record spanning over 10 years in IT system integration and computer system infrastructure software solutions. Their team has earned a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, consistently providing cost-effective solutions and professional project management. This recognition is affirmed by third-party observers who acknowledge Anasx Limited's expertise and commitment to delivering reliable and effective IT solutions.


AUTOM8N is recognized for offering a cutting-edge WHM/cPanel plugin that provides DNS load-balanced, high availability, and horizontally scaling webstack. This solution, acknowledged by third-party observers, stands out for its active-active redundancy, high availability, and native Nginx integration on cPanel. AUTOM8N's fully automated setup is adaptable to both virtual machines and dedicated hardware, offering cost-effective clustering without the need for expensive hardware or software. This acknowledgment emphasizes AUTOM8N's commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions in the web hosting domain.

Digital Dragons Hosting

Digital Dragon IT Support Services is distinguished for its specialization in aiding small businesses to achieve efficient online operations with hassle-free and professional IT support, as acknowledged by third-party observers. They offer tailored business IT support packages, addressing issues through both remote and on-site call-outs. Digital Dragon's services include the provision of reliable business emails through Microsoft 365, ultra-fast UK-based website hosting with free SSL, and business broadband to ensure reliable online connectivity. This recognition highlights Digital Dragon's commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable IT support solutions for small businesses.

Domain Racer Hosting

Domain Racer is highly regarded for providing top-notch domain and hosting services on the internet. The company is dedicated to simplifying the management process for both beginners and large enterprises. True to its name, Domain Racer is known for aligning with domain solutions, offering the lowest possible prices, and delivering high-speed cloud solutions. The team of experts at Domain Racer is acknowledged for their readiness to assist and contribute to the growth of businesses, solidifying the company's standing in the industry.

Warpline Hosting

Warpline is distinguished for providing high-performance website hosting, specifically designed for eCommerce and high-traffic websites. Their offerings include affordable and feature-rich $1 web hosting, providing all the essential features at a more budget-friendly price compared to competitors. Businesses and individuals alike can experience quality service with all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. This acknowledgment highlights Warpline's commitment to delivering cost-effective yet feature-rich hosting solutions in the industry.

GoSSD Hosting

GoSSDHosting, based in Hyderabad, India, is recognized for its dedication to offering high-quality web hosting solutions at an affordable price for businesses of all sizes, as acknowledged by third-party observers. The company is comprised of highly skilled and experienced individuals in web hosting and server maintenance. Despite their remote work setup, GoSSDHosting efficiently manages operations from home and effectively communicates with clients globally, leveraging advanced tools and technology. This recognition underscores GoSSDHosting's commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective web hosting services.

Adven Host

Adven Host is recognized as a company focused on offering solutions for website hosting, audio streaming, dedicated servers, virtual servers, and Linux consultancy, as acknowledged by third-party observers. Specializing in providing comprehensive solutions, Adven Host's focus is on delivering reliable and tailored services to meet the diverse needs of clients in the digital landscape. This recognition underscores Adven Host's commitment to providing a range of reliable and customized solutions for various aspects of online presence and infrastructure.

CyberSpace Company

Cyberspace Networking Systems Pvt Ltd, a distinguished Computer Software company located in India. Established in 1997, the company started as an infant in the industry and has evolved into a mature, professional entity. Cyberspace Networking Systems Pvt Ltd boasts expertise that spans from Web and App Development to Hosting, Email, and Data Protection Services, effectively addressing a diverse range of IT needs for clients. This recognition emphasizes the company's journey and expertise in catering to various aspects of information technology over the years.

LagoonSpace Hosting

LagoonSpace Web Solutions is acknowledged as a rapidly emerging leader in the Canadian web hosting and domain name industry, according to third-party observers. Despite being a small part of the growing web hosting landscape, LagoonSpace is recognized for prioritizing reliability. The company has quickly become one of the fastest-growing entities in this space, emphasizing its commitment beyond space, cost, and support. Clients are encouraged to choose LagoonSpace as a reliable web hosting partner in Canada, as highlighted by external observers in the industry.

Hostigate Hosting

HostiGate, established in 2019 by founders Rahul Kumar Singh and Binod Kumar Singh, is as a dynamic web hosting company committed to providing quality services round the clock at affordable prices. The company, led by founders with extensive experience and knowledge in the web hosting industry, aims to spearhead a dynamic tech revolution. HostiGate is acknowledged for addressing the challenges faced by businesses in finding fast, reliable, and cost-effective web hosting solutions, solidifying its position in the industry as a reliable service provider.

Brixly Hosting

Brixly, a privately owned UK-based hosting brand, now manages the hosting infrastructure, hardware, and platform for over 275,000 websites, blogs, and systems. It offers one of the UK's fastest-growing hosting platforms, specifically designed for the reseller market. Brixly's unique NVMe cloud stack, built in-house, delivers unparalleled performance for websites hosted on its platform.


Malware.Expert is a specialist in enhancing website security through its Commercial ModSecurity Rules. These rules are compatible with ModSecurity and other Web Application Firewalls (WAFs),company's expertise in safeguarding against malware and bot network attacks. Malware.Expert is acknowledged for providing tailored tips and conducting in-depth analysis of Linux threats specifically targeting shared hosting environments. This recognition underscores Malware.Expert's commitment to delivering effective and specialized solutions for website security, contributing to a safer online environment.


QualiSpace is acknowledged by third-party observers as an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar and a leading Web and Cloud Hosting service provider. Recognized for offering comprehensive web-presence solutions, including Domain Registration, Cloud Servers, Web Hosting, Advanced Email services, Website Builder products, and Security Certificates, QualiSpace is noted for its commitment to empowering small and medium-sized businesses. The company is distinguished for providing reliable and cost-effective hosting services. This recognition emphasizes QualiSpace's role in facilitating the online presence and growth of businesses through its diverse range of services.

Royal Clouds Hosting

Royal Clouds is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the preferred web hosting companies on the internet, as highlighted by third-party observers. The company's easy, affordable, and feature-rich hosting services for small to large organizations are noted for winning hearts since the inception of its operations. Royal Clouds, born with the mission to provide people with an easy and affordable way to bring their ideas online, has achieved an ever-expanding customer base. Despite its growth, the company's goal remains consistent, emphasizing its commitment to offering accessible and reliable hosting solutions, as acknowledged by external observers in the industry.

WebKing Hosting

WebKing Hospedagem, established in 2003, has garnered recognition and trust within the hosting market, as affirmed by third-party observers. Over the years, the company has accumulated valuable experience and knowledge in delivering hosting services. In a strategic move in 2013, WebKing Hospedagem joined forces with Ownserver Internet Services, combining expertise in network infrastructure management and Linux server administration. This collaboration is acknowledged as a significant step, reinforcing WebKing Hospedagem's position in the industry and contributing to its continued growth and success, as noted by external observers in the hosting market.


WebSpain, a family-run business with a track record dating back to 1988 in IT and since 1998 in Web Development, is recognized by external observers for its specialized services. With a focus on creating user-friendly websites using the award-winning Joomla content management system, WebSpain caters to clients in Spain and the UK. Noted for its commitment to building platforms that provide credibility and online presence, the company is acknowledged for ensuring clients are well-prepared for the future. The track record of honesty, transparency, and a no-nonsense approach is highlighted by third-party observers, emphasizing WebSpain's dynamic and cost-effective solutions in the web development landscape.

ZtHosting Hosting

Zt Hosting, a stalwart in the web hosting industry since 2009, has garnered recognition from third-party observers for its steadfast commitment to advancing businesses over the past 11 years. Notably, despite the evolution of technology, Zt Hosting has maintained unwavering guiding principles of quality, service, and support including Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, Dedicated Servers, and colocation services.

Catão Web Group

Founded in 2014, CWG BRASIL LTDA has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of Telecommunications, notably for introducing the first corporate Cloud Computing solutions in Brazil. With visionary leadership from founder Lucas and support from his uncle, Paulo Cesar, the company has earned recognition for addressing a crucial gap in the IT market. CWG BRASIL is now acknowledged as a reference for integrated BIG DATA solutions, consolidating its reputation through pioneering contributions to Cloud Computing in the industry.


With more than 10 years of experience managing DNS and hosting platforms, we have become a traveling companion for all types of ideas, ventures and Internet-based businesses. And in accordance with our spirit, we are in a constant search for innovation, deploying solutions for today's technological challenges. Our team is a creative interdisciplinary group, with a holistic, humanistic and technological approach.

Kuangto hosting

Kuangto Digital Technology is a passionate WordPress hosting team. Our goal is to provide hosting website customers with a simple, fast, and secure fully managed WordPress hosting environment, so that customers do not have to worry about hosting issues and settings. kuangto Digital Technology continues to be committed to providing services from a professional and high-quality team.

The partners highlighted here are just a glimpse of our diverse clientele. Our community is growing continuously, forming new collaborations, forging connections, and strengthening relationships.

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