How does it work?
All requests to wp-admin and other CMS or custom web app login pages are intercepted and forwarded to our robust captcha servers where requests are screened for bots and automated scripts. All valid human requests are automatically redirected to the user requested login page after verification.
Our algorithms analyse multiple failed attempts and add the IP to our real-time blacklist which further helps reduce server load caused by these unwanted bad bots.
Why captcha?
Almost all WordPress websites receive a large number automated POST requests to wp-login from bots at regular intervals, sometimes originating from different IP’s each time. The web is full of such bad bots that slowly and steadily perform brute-force/ dictionary attacks on your CMS website and applications. Newly compromised servers are then added to the bots collection of servers for performing further attacks on other websites without the knowledge of the server admin. These attacks are mostly slow and highly distributed that brute-force protection applications cant prevent them without false positives
Protection against your greatest online foes
cPGuard’s captcha protects your WordPress and CMS logins against bad bots.
Get Started Now!
Feel free to try cPGuard before you make a purchase. Enjoy all features including our CMS captcha protection for 30 days without payment or any other hidden charges and contracts. Using email only action for detections allow you to use cPGuard without affecting files on your server during the trial.