cPGuard Server Security Suite

cPGuard security is an essential security addon for your Web hosting servers with WHM/cPanel. cPGuard provides unmatched protection against virus attacks, malware, and network attacks and blocks bot attacks.

The best immune system for WHM/cPanel servers

Our multi-layer defense system works together to stop anything that attacks your WHM/cPanel security. cPGuard security addon for WHM/cPanel is a powerful, quick, and lightweight tool that makes life easier for server admin and web hosting companies.

Advanced integration and optimizations with cPanel

Customisable cPanel user level plugin

Custom Brandable UI for cPanel users to view and manage infected files, CMS threats and vulnerabilities, and Attacks blocked by WAF

User level account protection

cPGuard continuously monitors cPanel user account activity for any suspicious or unusual sequence of actions to detect and mitigate account-level compromises. Suspicious activities are preemptively blocked to prevent spreading or multiple account compromises.