What are the recent changes in IPDB?

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Others

What is IPDB Firewall?

In cPGuard, we have multiple modules that work at different layers to stop various attacks. The IPDB firewall module is a system-level firewall that can block many of the attacks before it reaches your application servers.

The main components of the IPDB firewall are

1. The Cloud Advisor:– is a server cluster containing multiple servers dedicated to collecting, building and distributing a list of unsafe IPs. We have a huge list of bad IPs built on data collected from attacks we have blocked (WAF, Bruteforce, CSF and access logs), our partners like Malware.Expert and other 3rd party sources. Our algorithms, after whitelisting major providers like Cloudflare, Google etc to avoid false positives, dynamically score IPs based on various parameters to build a refined list containing only the latest and relevant threats

2. The Server Agent: cPGuard server application downloads the list of bad IPs from the cloud advisor and creates a blocklist using IPSET and IPTABLES to effectively block requests from these IPs. The block list is periodically reloaded to fetch the latest IPs and drop old IPs from the list

What are the recent updates in IPDB?

Over the past few versions after the initial release of IPDB, we have been continuously working on it to enhance the performance of IPDB module. With that said, we were able to bring in so many updations so block more attacks with fewer false positives. Few of the major changes include

  • Refined blacklist Logic:- We now have a better algorithm to mark an IP address as bad and put it into the global blacklist. That helps to eliminate a significant share of false positives from the total blacklist.
  • Enhanced whitelist:- Based on the feedback from our clients, we have added many more major players including search engines, CDN providers, monitoring agents, etc into the blacklist which helped to refine the central list.
  • Better CLI Tools:- For a Linux geek, it is always handy to work from CLI than doing any tasks from GUI. So we have added more CLI tools to handle IPDB using commands
  • Network whitelist:- Now you can whitelist a Network using a defined format. This will help to whitelist a range of your IP address and that makes the tool handier. You can add whitelist from cPGuard settings or via our command line utility
$ /etc/cpguard/scripts/cpgbin allowip <ip address/range>
$ /etc/cpguard/scripts/cpgbin allowip 208.xxx.xxx.xxx
$ /etc/cpguard/scripts/cpgbin allowip 208.xxx.xxx.xxx/24 


  • New IPDB stats UI:- You can now view requests being blocked in realtime from the new IPDB section in cPGuard UI. We will be rolling out more reports and stats on IPDB in coming versions.

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