How cPGuard will help to reduce your admin time?

by | May 14, 2020

From the release to the latest version, we have released more features out for making the customers to reduce their time for hardening their server security.

The most adorable feature of cPGuard is lightweight as a feather, as you know when feathers grow, they mature into powerful branches of the server. Usually, a security plugin consumes more resources which will cause more problems for the other service running on the server and the admin should need to kill the process manually and start the service again, which will make them more time to work on. Another issue will be the disk usage consumption for the logs created by the plugin and this needs to be cleared out or cropped out in certain intervals. In the case of cPGuard, we have made an efficient algorithm to reduce all these concerns.

The other advantages of using cPGuard which save admin time are below.

  • User Friendly

Simple and Powerful Interface, Easily view all the information and make informed decisions and take fast action from our detailed reports. We have both the admin level and end-user level UI using which you can get all information about your account and run a manual scan on demand

  • Less Spamming

Eliminate up to 90% of incoming spam emails using SRBL, which is a clever RBL based system to reduce emails from known spam sources.

  • Low load spikes on the server

Prevents large scale attacks using Real-time Intrusion protection and reCAPTCHA protection made with Mod-security plus cPGuard WAF. Our Captcha based brute-force protection is one of the unique solutions in the market and stops 99.99% of such attacks.

  • Less hacked websites

We constantly update our scanner engine and rules to catch all latest threats, Our WAF is quite powerful to catch all generic attacks which makes your websites less vulnerable to common attacks. Also the cloud-based Auto Clean system which will automatically send infected files to our cloud-based analysis engine and push a cleaned file back to the server.

  • Less resource

Our powerful smart analytics are carefully designed to have the least consumption on your server performance.

  • Fewer User Complaints

Fewer bugs with continuous integration and works seamlessly with the server environment.

Our engineers are working more on the cPGuard core to develop more security features for tightening the security on the servers.

The most compelling part is customer satisfaction; 99% of our customers are happy with our product/service and we have fewer user complaints. We listen, understand, and learn their situation to resolve their server related security issues. So all our customers have a better experience with our services.

  • You have some suggestions to improve cPGuard?

Sure we love to talk to you, get your feedback, and act on it. You can contact our support team any time and we will handle each of the feedback that we receive seriously.