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Start by installing cPGuard on your server

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About cPGuard

cPGuard is a fully automated security suite for Linux Servers which includes Automatic Malware Scanner, Manual Scanner Engine, IP reputation Check, Domain Reputation check brute-force protection against various CMS, Web Application Firewall, etc. It has strong integration with cPanel and CSF which lets you manage/secure all your server accounts with ease. cPGuard uses intelligent code processing algorithms to scan your servers, to block real-time attacks and it is the only solution offering file injection cleanup in the same product line. cPGuard comes with a user-friendly dashboard with various customization options and you will no other such feature-rich solution in the same price range!

Installing cPGuard

Please use the following instruction to install cPGuard on your server. If you are going to install cPGuard in OpenVZ/Virtuozzo, please refer this DOC before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Download the latest version installer  (Download new installer each time as installers are updated based on software updates)
    cd /usr/local/src
  2. Execute the installer script as root user
    chmod 755
    ./ install
  3. Monitor the installer log appearing on the screen and once you see a SUCCESS message, you are good to go! In case you encounter any issues during installation, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you to complete the installation without any additional charges
  4. Once the software is installed successfully on your server, login to WHM >> Plugins >> cPGuard >> apply license and complete initial settings. Please refer this DOC to complete your initial setup of the software.


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