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I was searching Google the other day looking for something that could do a better job of blocking all the wp-login and xmlrpc requests the sites on my server were being swamped with, 24 hours a day. I found cPGuard in a small comment someone had left on an article on the Webhosting Talk website. I viewed your site, saw that you offer a 30 day free trial, and after thinking it through decided to take you up on the offer. I was very impressed with how quickly you responded to my ticket, and your knowledge of what was going on, and how to configure your product on my VPS.

Steve Wolfson

Mountain WebDev

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cPGuard has gained excellent feedback from our supporters during our
short time in market.

Chuck Gregory

CWG Services

I’ve been an early adopter of the cPGuard security plugin for WHM/cPanel,and I have to say I am very impressed. Their support has been superb on the two occasions where I had questions. Their control panel is highly intuitive and is tightly integrated with cPanel. I recommend this product.

Gulfaraz Ahmed

Paradigm Groups

My servers faced a phishing attack recently. I tried various solutions among which I found cPGuard the best. It helped me a lot in detecting the attacks, brute force etc. I like its integration with CSF and its own set of WAF rules very much. I recommend any sysadmin to have it installed on their WHM- powered servers

Jorge Marcelino

CEO Hostseriess

cPguard has been effective, far more than CXS, Pyxsoft and others we’ve used! Their ever-advancing protection and support has been the main reason for our satisfaction. Your protection for brute force is great and saved us from attacks that were overloading the server.

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