A Complete web app security suite for cPanel and DirectAdmin Servers

Remove malwares, monitor threats, resolve issues, and deploy industry-leading security services

Light, fast and powerful malware scanner

Smart Antivirus

Detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, redirects and symlinks before they affect you.

Least resource demand

Our powerfull smart analytics is carefully designed to have the least effect on your server’s performance.

Cloud based Auto Clean

Automatically send infected files to our cloud based analysis engine and push a cleaned file back to the server.

Easily customizable

Options for customized mails,adding watch directories, whitelisting users and files and user defined database.

Advanced Intrusion prevention and Bruteforce protection

Create a truly integrated server environments where detection, protection, and reporting of security threats happen simultaneously and collaboratively.

Captcha protect login pages

Protect CMS admin login pages and other  user-defined pages against a wide range of automated brute force, dictionary, and other attacks from bad bots. readmore

CMS Bruteforce protection

Prevent large scale Brute force attacks from taking down your site. An essential security feature that monitors and controls distributed attacks before they affect you .

ModSecurity rules for Webhosting

ModSecurity rules from Malware Expert are based on intelligence gathered from real-world investigations, penetration tests and research data in the REAL LIFE environment

Optimized ModSecurity rules

Rules for SQL injection, XSS, local and remote file include, file upload vulnerabilities, zero day attack, web shell exections

Wordpress and CMS Vulnerability fix

Protect your WordPress, Joomla and Drupal website from attacks and vulnerabilities.

Generic Apache and PHP rules

Advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for PHP websites and applications.

Real-time Intrusion protection

Protect your web applications effectively against malwares, botnets and hacker attacks at all times.

Easy to install,
effortless to use

An essential security add-on for web hosting servers that help administrators fight against malware threats, injections and other digital attacks.

In the face of increasingly complex threats, cybersecurity must be faster and more powerful than ever. Stopping attacks in real-time is what we do.

Realtime Anti spam with
cPGuard Exim

Enable our intelligent Exim RBL (sRBL) with just a click from cPGuard and eliminate upto 90% of incoming spam emails.
Domain Reputation powered by Google Safebrowsing
Check, control and improve your domain’s reputation with our automated domain reputation check powered by google safe browsing.
DNSBL IP Reputation Check
DNS based RBL scanner automatically checks the server IPs against the Realtime blacklists and notifies admin of blacklisted IP addressees.

Customizable cPanel plugin

Hosting companies can customize features of our cPanel level plugin like email alerts to their brand specific look and feel.

User friendly interface And reports
Insightful Reports & Dashboard
Easily view all the information you need with our simple interface, make informed decisions and take fast action from our detailed reports.
Security that doesn’t compromise
Security that doesn't compromise
Backgroud services demand less resources. Runs on smallest of servers without affecting performance or slowing down the server.
Lowest Cost Per Month
Cheap yet powerfull

Integrates all the advanced networking protection controls and rules to keep your server secure and compliant.

Real-time intelligence gathering
Always up-to-date
Intelligence about new and current threats by continuously learning the behavior of new threats and processing data in real-time.

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